Hello World!

With every new language you learn, you really should learn how to write “Hello World” in it. That’s how I’ve done it ever since I learned how to write in BASIC on my dad’s Timex Sinclair. I think I inherited my love for technology from my dear old dad who always seemed to have cool gadgets arriving in the mail. I think my first program looked something like:

20 GO TO 10

Then it would go into a nice infinite loop printing “HELLO WORLD” on my TV over and over again and my programming career was born.

Now I’ve been posting stuff on BBSes and the Internet for quite a while, but I’m just starting out with TypePad. This Hello World post seemed like a good way to start it off. :)

I hope to be posting daily, so check back for more.

By the way, for those interested in how to program “Hello World” in 150+ different programming languages, check out: The Hello World Collection. Perusing the different examples gives you a taste of what it’s like to program in each one.