Redskins win a close one in the windy city 13-10

Disclaimer: I am a diehard Redskins fan and sing “Hail to the Redskins” after every touchdown.

After a tough string of four straight losses, the Redskins finally won another one against the Chicago Bears 13-10. I’m much more hopeful for the Skins now, even though they are going to play against tougher teams after their bye week. Now they’re 2-4 and I’m hoping they get at least 8 wins this season under our returning hero, Coach Joe Gibbs.

If the offense could only stop giving the opposing defense a return for a touchdown (which I think they’ve done 5 times this year), this team would be much better. Clinton Portis was the star that we paid him to be ($50.5 million + $17 million over 8 years): he carried 36 times for 171 yards! Going into the half, he already had 100 yards. The touchdown pass to Rod Garner in the corner of the endzone was pretty sweet, as was the passes that Laverneus Coles caught and held on to. The passing game is starting to walk, so hopefully they can get up to running by the end of the year.

The defense, once again, gave me no worries. They only gave up 3 points and were especially solid at the end. The last play, where Sean Taylor intercepted the ball and ran it back showed me that he’s getting back to his pre-season form, where he was the rookie phenom that we expect. He’s no Ronnie Lott…yet.

Special teams was OK. They didn’t give up any big returns. Penalties were kept down, which is good. All in all, a competent day for the Skins. Nothing spectacular, but enough to get the job done.