Back in Blogosphere with MarsEdit

I’ve been busy with work and family and side projects. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything. Also I think I had been spending too much time trying to organize my thoughts and format them perfectly for the blog. Plus, even though I love TypePad, the editor did not just work for me that well.

So I am trying out MarsEdit. Actually, I just bought the NetNewsWire 2.0 and MarsEdit bundle. Brent is a great developer and I love reading his blog. He’s got great insights into things big (software blackboxes, a good way to look at component-based encapsulation) and small (Shower dementia and Shampoo vu). I’ve cut down on my Shampoo Vu recently as a side-effect of this new shampoo that I’m using which sends this incredibly minty/menthol feeling into my scalp whenever I use it! (I believe its called Ice Cap.)

I’m hoping MarsEdit will help me write more blog posts, better and faster. Already, I created those two links in the paragraph above by using Add Link and it automatically figured out that I probably wanted to use the URL that I just browsed to in Safari and copied to the clipboard.

Also, I’m quite confident that it will eliminate the dreaded BlogPostingBackButtonOfDeath. What’s that you might ask? It’s what happens when you use a web-based blog post editor, type in an incredibly insightful (at least in your mind) and lengthy post, then for some reason (probably to look up something you want to link to), and press the Back button in your browser. When this happens, you go “oops” and press the Forward button. Guess what?

No more post.

In desperation, you press Refresh. This probably just makes the problem worse. Maybe you try pressing Command-Z to Undo. That doesn’t work either. You’ve just experience the BlogPostingBackButtonOfDeath.

By the way, I came across a nice little post that verifies that MarsEdit is pretty rock solid, even in the face of a nasty little “Design Bug” that Tog calls Power Failure Crash: Helpful Tiger documents MarsEdit auto-save recovery. I’ve always been a fan of auto-save, although my Computer Science background has taught me the value of manual backups as well (because most apps don’t have auto-save), which has led to the dubious habit of me hitting Command-S after every little change I make.

One more nice thing about MarsEdit: for some reason, it feels like writing an email in, which somehow changes my perspective on things. I feel a little more relaxed, a lot more in control, and I can concentrate on the content rather than the mechanics.

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