MarsEdit 1.0 released

MarsEdit 1.0 was released today. I wonder if Brent will do a post-mortem of it like Gus Mueller did with VoodooPad 2.0. I found that to be pretty insightful, especially since it confirmed once again some things that I’ve learned about software development. For example: keep your apps focused and automate your builds.

For the record, MarsEdit works great with the TypePad service. It’s always good to know these kinds of things when there is a strong interaction between pieces of software, as there is between BlogEditor and BlogHostingServer.

The image handling in MarsEdit is quite nice as well. It is more intuitive and easier than the TypePad editor. You can drag and drop images into the window or choose them, then upload to your blog and insert into the currently edited post with one button click.

Here’s a picture of MarsEdit in action, uploaded with the images capability I just described:


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  1. MarsEdit is great — I just did a quick review of my most used 3rd party apps on the mac and it was there on the list as well. Only wish they had a proper plugin for Expression Engine (

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