Manchurian Candidate

Just finished watching the remake of the Manchurian Candidate (2004). Do yourself a favor and don’t watch this one. The only thing it has in its favor is that its in color. Otherwise, it is more graphic, more disturbing, with fewer nuances and worse storytelling.

I can’t get back those 2 hours of my life, but at least I was doing some nifty Cocoa coding while I was watching.

Go watch the original Manchurian Candidate (1962) in black and white instead. It’s much better. IMDB users give it an 8.4 vs 6.7 for the remake. It is actually the #64 top rated movie in IMDB! Who knew Frank Sinatra could be better than Denzel Washington? It may be hard to find in the rental stores, but Netflix stocks the original.

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  1. HEY – I watched the Manchurian Cantidate on the 29th too! Wish I had known this first, I would have gone straight for the original.

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