Free To Do Lists – well actually, Ta-Da Lists

From the makers of Basecamp, 37 Signals, is a new free web app that lets you create To Do lists. It’s named Ta-da List and is available at You’re allowed to have unlimited items on a list, with a limit of 10 lists. It’s a nice refactoring and extraction of functionality from within Basecamp.

I think this is a nice Web App, as it doesn’t make you press any Save or Commit buttons – it just saves automatically. Pressing Enter adds an item and and puts your cursor in the proper field afterwards to quickly add another one. And its fast.

Its built on Ruby on Rails and David from Loud Thinking provides some good highlights.

I’ve created a public list for potential blog topics. Another nice thing about Ta-Da Lists is that each list has an RSS feed: Rss

Let me know if you are especially interested in any of these topics.

Updated: Changed the URL to the RSS feed after some feedback from David.

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