Eclipse at Amazon DevCon

Amazon is having the Amazon DevCon, which is an internal conference for its developers. That’s a nice perk, eh?

The easiest way to see who spoke is via the list of speakers. Here’s a few to whet your appetite:

Joel Spolsky talked about being a blue chip (ex: iPod, which he describes as a “$400 bar of soap”, which took 90% of the market, and succeeded because he thinks “Steve Jobs is secretly French” LOL),

James Gosling talked about Java – I’ll blog more about his talk later,

Michael Tiemann talked about open source – he gave a great talk at EclipseCon last year about The Eclipse Tipping Point which included an interesting look at SE Linux,

Craig McClanahan discussed “Struts and JavaServer Faces”.

The Amazon Web Services team live-blogged the event, which took place over the past 2 days. BTW, thanks to James Duncan Davidson for blogging about this originally.

I haven’t read all the blog entries yet, but they are promising due to the great speakers. This is one of those times I wish I could order a bound hardcover of a blog. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Bjorn Freeman-Benson who used to work with the OTI/Eclipse team but is now with Predictable Software and is a member of the Eclipse Board had an interesting talk about Eclipse. It’s a good read so check it out.

Here’s some interesting tidbits:

There’s an Eclipse Collaboration plug-in by Scott Lewis. I’ll have to try it out. Also, he generalized it to have a “general platform for building component-based multi-point communications application within Eclipse.” Interesting.

“Milestones — next release [Eclipse 3.1] in June. Most of team is in Ottawa, they work hard in the winter, and take the summer off to go fishing. Team has fixed 1 bug/developer/day for 5 consecutive years, no exceptions. That’s 50-100 fixes per working day over that time. All is done using a public instance of BugZilla. Milestone releases every 6 weeks, they are good at hitting them.”

Funny, in DC, we lobby in the winter and protest in the summer. Seriously, I think it is an interesting metric that he picked out: bug/developer/day. I think he understates the point about the team hitting their dates consistently. The Eclipse team (as I have written about before) is one of the most consistent at hitting their dates as I have ever seen. They should write a book about how they do it.

“Q: Embedded profiler?
A: Not in base download, a bunch of Russians created one (YorkIT?).”

I looked around for YorkIT, but found Eclipse profiler/eclipsecolorer. I wonder if this is what he was talking about.

“[Referring to Eclipse 3.1]: Very large code base requires a 64-bit processor; Sun JVM has a 1.7GB limit and all of the data is resident.”

I wonder what he means here… Perhaps there will be builds of Eclipse optimized for 64 bit processors like the G5, Athlon64, and Itanium. I know that there has been beta testing of Eclipse on 64-bit Linux GTK on AMD64.

Not sure how he expects to get around the Sun JVM limits. Maybe he is referring to reducing the memory footprint of Eclipse by having the unused portions be saved to disk and brought into memory when necessary (via Large-scale development issues.)

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