Get the weather via RSS

Light Snow 34°F

It’s snowing here in Northern Virginia (or it was just a little while ago). How do I know? Well, I guess I could look out the window, but sometimes you’re deep into your code. So here’s a way to get the weather without looking up from your computer.

It’s in beta (but hey, lots of cool things are) and it’s called RSS Weather, available from

It’s very convenient, at least if you’ve got a news reader like NetNewsWire. If so, you’ve got weather coming to you instead of having to sit through forecasts from around the country on The Weather Channel (which I think is the most watched cable channel). The forecasts seems reasonably accurate, but it could be updated more often and it could be nicer looking. Well, its in beta, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

A really nice touch is that you can get localized weather down to the zip code. Once you get to the web site, enter your zip code. Then you will see a page that shows your localized weather. There you’ll see the familiar RSS “XML” graphic that links to the feed.

This reminds me of PointCast, circa 1995. That is, there are some things that are useful to be “pushed” to you. Only this time, network admins aren’t screaming at you that you’re clogging up the network. Ahh, the wonders of RSS (and Atom and RDF.)

BTW, the National Weather Service also has RSS feeds, but it seems to be limited to those extreme weather alerts, which also are for huge regions/states.