Liveblogging the Super Bowl

Since I’m here at home w/the family, and not riding w/a friend in a stretch limo (which he won in a radio contest) or on another friend’s huge HDTV, I figured I might as well do some liveblogging of the Super Bowl, in preparation of liveblogging some of EclipseCon 2005 (if they have wireless access.)

Alright, so the Eagles just got stopped at the goal line due to an interception. Looks like Rodney Harrison is just reading McNabb who seems to be just throwing it up for grabs. McNabb got intercepted twice, but the first one got called back bc of a penalty. He also got buried by an avalanche of blitzers for a huge loss after a big gain by TO…

As for commercials, the best one so far is the “10 Things You Need to Have to Be a Top Super Bowl Commercial” by FedEx-Kinkos. It had me counting along, had great timing, and was hilarious. definitely had the most controversial commercial so far. Makes me wonder how they can afford a commercial w/such low registration prices. Kinda reminds me of the Dot Com commercials of the late 90s.

The Diet Pepsi truck ad was pretty funny too. So true… so true.

OK, another turnover by the Eagles? Not looking good for Philly right now.

7:25PM (EST)
Big sack of Brady. Both defenses are playing well tonight. As an old school football fan, I’m definitely digging it. I’m personally hoping for the first Superbowl to go into overtime, which we’ve almost had the past few years.

Wow – huge completion to Pinkston. Eagles are marching – Patriots better keep blitzing if they want to stop them.

Touchdown! Eagles score first w/a quick strike to LJ Smith. Looks like TO got knocked down – nice. First time the Patriots have trailed all post season…

I don’t quite get the Noah’s Ark Budweiser commercial.

MC Hammer! Yea! Alright that was random, but you gotta love the Hammer! :)

The toasted sub commercial was strange – I had a toasted sub from Subway today. I think I’ll stick with Quizno’s.

iTunes – Pepsi – excellent. I can definitely relate to the guy in the men’s room singing along when his boss comes up and spots him and he has to act professional.

OK – I think I’m going to try to pace myself. More blogging later…

Huge cutback run by Corey Dillon…

Looks like Tom Brady lost it! He did! On a simple handoff. The Patriots offense is looking quite sloppy.

NetNewsWire idea – Liveblogging mode – it would refresh faster to try to get you the updates.

MarsEdit idea – Liveblogging mode – it would keep the editing window open after sending to Weblog, plus maybe auto-timestamp.

All tied up at 7-7. Still anybody’s ball game.

Tom Brady made a terrific pass all the way across his body. Looks like Lito Sheppard got caught trying to anticipate a shorter pass. Probably was hoping for one of those game breaking 90+ INTs for a TD, but really, you have to cover your man.

Not quite family friendly: I know the NFL wants to have a family friendly Superbowl and I’m sure the half time will be quite safe, but I think they forgot to screen the commercials. The kids definitely had to turn away from the Constantine and Batman trailers. Otherwise they’ll be having nightmares and crawling in your bed to hide from the monsters.

My family agrees – Paul McCartney is a crowd pleaser. Plus the fireworks and other pyrotechnics help give some excitement. This must be the big finale with Hey Jude.
If this keeps up though, I think we may be seeing The Beach Boys next year in Detroit. :)

OK, I give in… Na….. Na… Na… Na-Na-Na-Nah…

Another MC Hammer commercial? Wow – maybe he’s making a comeback! Doing the Electric Typewriter and everything… Starring in what looks like an ultra-condensed version of Behind the Music.

8:49PM Patriots 14 – Eagles 7

Great catch by Grabel! And this guy is normally an outside linebacker! These Patriots are very versatile. I think he was held on it even and he showed great concentration as he juggled. He needs to work on that TD celebration tho… he looked like an Eagle flapping his wings or something.

Very smart playcalling against a defense that is a rock solid wall usually at the goal line. Atlanta did it the other way around, trying to run on first down and then trying to do play-action fakes on 2nd and 3rd. You gotta play action fake on 1st down to catch the Eagles napping.

That mpage or whatever player has some really disturbing CGI. Not quite sure why, but it is freakier than the Constantine trailers. I think I’d rather get an iPod photo if I want to have music + pictures.

Napster = 1 million songs on your portable music player? Wha? I think Napster is definitely not “in” anymore. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind having a 12 song trial from iTunes to check out songs that expire monthly to see if I like them.

Great return by Troy Brown, but someone held. Bummer – instead of 45 yards, the Pats get -10.

I was going to recommend ESPN Gamecast Live as a good app to help you keep track of the stats while you watch the game, but it looks like its currently broken, since it is stuck at halftime and is showing the score 14-14. Only time it has crashed all year. Otherwise than this hiccup (I’m sure millions and millions of fans can do that to your server), I think it may be the best Flash app around. Hmm… interesting… after reloading the main stats (Game Update) page for the Super Bowl, it looks like they took off the link to the Gamecast app.

Cialis – if this ad were an email, it would be in my Junk folder.

I like the play clock in the corner, BTW. Its a nice touch for the football fan. I only wish that one day we can see all 22 players on-screen, no matter how deep the safeties are, especially now that we have wide-screen HDTV. That would help me appreciate the advanced defensive schemes that I can only see after the fact on ESPN.

BTW, it looks like Owens ankle looks like it is holding up well.

9:12PM All tied at 14

Terrell who? Westbrook is the key to this offense.

Honda has a pick-up truck… interesting.

Tiny Shaq! LOL! “We’re dead…” That’s funny.

Is it just me, or does Tom Brady always seem to be pointing? Then again, he barely gets sacked, so it must work.

Its nice that the Patriots have a one-two rushing punch of Dillon and Faulk. That’s a luxury that most teams don’t have.

Wow – end of 3rd Quarter and still tied. I love it…

BTW, the commercial w/the guy holding the cat in one hand and the knife in the other was funny, but it took a long time to get there.

9:23PM Start of the 4th quarter.

President Clinton looks kind of bored and maybe tired. I guess he’s not much of a football fan? Or maybe it’s just that he’s been working hard at helping the Tsunami devastated countries.

Eagles defense is looking kind of tired themselves.

9:25PM Patriots 21 – Eagles 14

Corey Dillon runs it in off tackle.

9:44PM Patriots 24 – Eagles 14

The game is slipping away… but at least the Eagles D stiffened up at the goal line.

I like Cedric’s “Designated Driver” dance. :)

Another INT! By Teddy Bruschi! You can’t win when you turn the ball over like that. I think McNabb is having a hard time reading the constantly changing defensive schemes by the Patriots.

10:14PM Patriots 24 – Eagles 20

Wow – Eagles got a quick score there after moving like molasses. They should’ve taken some no-huddle notes from the Bengals.

BTW, where was the safety???

Great special teams play – there was a wall of blockers so the Patriots guy could get the onsides kick.

I wonder if those are Belichek’s lucky sweats. Looks like he just rolled out of bed and is going to his first class.

10:16PM The dagger – INT by Patriots

OK it’s over. Harrison got an INT. Freddie Mitchell is pretty humbled right about now…

10:18PM Fireworks… looks like the Patriots are going to Disney World. I don’t think Tom Brady is going to be the MVP. It’ll probably go to someone in the defense.

If there was a Family Moment Award, it would go to Teddy Bruschi, with the clip of him before the game and his two sons chasing him as he backpedals. Very cute.

Most effective commercial: NFL Networks. Why? Well, I’m a big fan of it, especially NFL Total Access, but my wife is wondering… OK, what happens after the Super Bowl? They answered it: Free Agent signings, The Draft, etc. Reminds me of Franchise Mode in a video game. I hope they have more breakdown and analysis of the season as well.

10:27PM Star Wars music plays… does that make Commissioner Taglibue the Emperor?

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