43 Things

43 Things is a cool site that lets you keep track of your goals, share them with others, see what other people’s goals are and how they’re doing on them. I guess you could say it is “Social Goal Setting (and hopefully Reaching)”.

It’s built on RubyOnRails and it has really come a long way from the initial prototypes that I saw. It’s got an interesting tagging system that also links to Flickr and Delicious.

I personally like the way that it gives you suggestions of goals that are related to whatever goal you’re on right now. Even better is that the more popular the goal is, the bigger its font is, so you can see at a glance what other people are doing.

You can check out my 43 Things (well, haven’t quite gotten to 43 yet) at: http://www.43things.com/people/view/luis. You can also subscribe to the RSS Feed.

Some cool things about the guys behind 43 Things, which is The Robot Co-op: they’ve all got Macs. Check out the group picture on their blog. Looks like a good set up for agile development: everyone w/a PowerBook all sitting around a big conference table. (Well, except for one guy who seems to be reading some books – I’m guessing he uses the iMac in the corner?)

Oh yeah – and these guys get paid to code in Ruby. (Yes, contrary to my prediction, there are some Ruby jobs out there.)

Oh and they’ve got some funding from Amazon. So they’ll probably be around while we’re waiting to finish some of our initial goals. ;)

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  1. This is fascinating. You got to wonder what will fall out from this. Over time, I can imagine enought people sharing some obscure but useful goal like “making flying cars afordable” and, then, deciding to do something about, *together*.

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