Just got to EclipseCon 2005

Just got to the Hyatt Regency, site of EclipseCon 2005. It was a pretty decent flight, although there were at least two folks who got really air sick due to some turbulence. I enjoyed the usual DirectTV fare on JetBlue until breaking out the 17″ PowerBook and popping in Titan A.E. It was one of those movies that I missed, but I’m glad I finally saw it.

Getting to the hotel from Oakland Airport was more difficult than I imagined. The hotel has a free shuttle from San Francisco Airport, but none from Oakland. I was thinking about taking the BART from Oakland to SFO and getting the shuttle from there, but since I landed right around midnight, there wasn’t enough time to get to SFO before the BART closed. So I had to call around to three different shuttle companies until I found one that was reasonably priced. Apparently Burlingame is a little too far for most of them.

EclipseCon is giving out free wireless access via a T-Mobile HotSpot to attendees. All tech conferences should have free wireless.

Gotta get some sleep so I’m ready for the tutorials tomorrow. Last year I went to the SWT tutorial and tomorrow I’m going to the Web Tools and GEF tutorials. I wish I could go to more.