EclipseCon 2005 – Tutorials Monday

Today was Tutorials Monday and I took advantage, delving into two of my favorite Eclipse projects: WTP and GEF.

For the uninitiated, WTP stands for the Web Tools Platform. Note that the “P” does stand for “Platform”, and not Project. This is to signify its breadth and depth. It actually contains 6 (that’s right, 6) components/sub-systems and each of those has sub-components.

GEF stands for the Graphical Editing Framework. It consists of GEF plus Draw2D. This is roughly equivalent to Swing + Java2D + a complete framework for manipulating graphical (as in two dimensional spatial) UIs.

I don’t know if I just like big complicated technologies or if its because my pragmatism drives me to seek out useful frameworks and platforms to reuse, but WTP and GEF fit both of those criteria.

In retrospect, I think that WTP and GEF really need entire days of their own for one to really get understand them. Unfortunately, GEF only got 4 hours of my time, but I got to experience 7 hours of WTP goodness. I’m hoping to get a few more hours of soaking my mind in GEF on Wednesday when there is a GEF session that gives an update on the project and also a BOF.

More on the each tutorial plus the WTP Sprint (which was like a presentation + a BOF) after I get a bite to eat.