End-to-end RCP Applications

One of the nice things about RCP is that you can pull in selected plug-ins into RCP from any of the Eclipse projects to extend RCP. David Orme showed us this by pulling in the org.eclipse.ide plug-in to get workbench functionality. Last night at the WTP Sprint, one of the committers mentioned that you could pull in the Database Connection Wizard for re-use in an RCP app.

XSWT – I wonder how this plays with JFace. A problem that Eclipse developers have that Swing developers don’t is to try to avoid using SWT when JFace can be used, since it works at a higher level. UIs build with only SWT look the same as those build with JFace/SWT. In contrast, AWT looks out of place next to Swing and suffers from z-ordering problems. Maybe this can be used for just basic layout and then the generated SWT widgets can be wrapped via JFace.

SWT Table gets singled out again for not being up to par. I’d have to agree that it could be much better. Otherwise there wouldn’t be projects like KTable. David points out Essential Data, which I think he helped write, that has a nice virtual table widget that allows in-place editing. I think this is dual-licensed, like Tim O’Reilly mentioned in his open source business patterns.

I wonder if people realize how much RCP buys them in terms of time saved because of the code they don’t have to write and maintain. I’d like to see a presentation with some pie-charts for management. This also seems like a good topic for a research paper into the value of reuse for advancing the field of Computer Science.

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  1. RCP saved me an incredible amount of time. I certainly cannot thanks the eclipse project enough. Without it I would have taken a lot longer to create the BigBlogZoo and it would not look as nice.

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