Eclipse 3.0.2 due on Wednesday

Eclipse 3.0.2, which contains 70 bug fixes over 3.0.1 will come out next Wednesday, March 23. It was originally scheduled to release today, but is being kept in the lab for a bit longer for a bit more testing.

You can see the Endgame Plan, which has the most up-to-date status as well as a nice timeline.

Also, you can see the list of bugs fixed in Eclipse 3.0.2. This list is for the Platform, the PDE, and the JDT, which make up the base Eclipse download.

BTW, I looked at the equivalent list of bugs fixed in Eclipse 3.0.1 and I found that there were 267 bugs.

If you are still using Eclipse 3.0, I highly recommend getting 3.0.2 on Wednesday, as there will be a total of 337 bugs fixed in that release over 3.0.

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  1. I’ve moved on to using 3.1 milestones for development but I’m still using the Eclipse 3.0 plugins for my RCP application platform. The more stable, the better!

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