Eclipse 3.0.2 is out

Get it (Eclipse 3.0.2) while it’s hot!

Not convinced yet? Consider that 3.0.2 contains 337 bug fixes.

Note that it always takes a little while for it to propagate to the mirrors, so if your favorite mirror doesn’t have it, you’ll have to download from the Main downloads area in Canada.

Next up: 3.1M6, due out on April 1st.

4 Replies to “Eclipse 3.0.2 is out”

  1. I’m still on the fence about which tail I should be chasing: 3.0.x or 3.1Mx.

    I dig some of the new features in 3.1Mx (even though the java5 langauge support isn’t a discriminator for me since I’m not using 1.5) but plugins are hit n miss with 3.1 support.

  2. Hi,

    on trying to update from within eclipse (Help menu), i got:

    Unable to complete action for feature “Eclipse Project SDK” due to
    errors. Unable to complete action for feature “Eclipse Platform” due to
    errors. Unable to retrieve remote reference
    Unable to retrieve remote reference

    Can anybody help ?

    — Richard

  3. Richard: I usually download the whole thing when it comes to new updates to Eclipse and then copy link files over to migrate my plug-ins. I’ll cover that in a future post. Using the update sites have been a bit hit or miss so far when updating Eclipse. I’d suggest posting a message to the Eclipse Mac group since you’re on a Mac and see what other experiences people have had.

    Craig: I use both. :) You’re right about the plug-in support. I use the 3.1 betas to try out new APIs and help with finding bugs, which helps the next release. But I always have the latest stable to ensure I can always keep working. And again, I use link files to help with this.

  4. Luis,

    Thanks for your reply and for pointing
    to link files, it’s useful.

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