Eclipse 3.1M6 released!

Here’s where you can download 3.1M6.

As always, it takes the mirrors a day or two to pick it up, so if your local mirror doesn’t have it, head over to the main Eclipse downloads area in Canada.

I’d definitely recommend it to all Eclipse on Mac users running 3.1M5a, since it fixes a bug with Find/Replace.

Here’s some of what’s “New and Noteworthy“:

1. Eclipse is now Java 5 compliant! It passed the Java compiler TCK (that’s Technology Compatibility Kit in Sun’s vocabulary.)

2. Editors are now looked up based on content type (and then if not found, then by file extension.) This thanks to the hard work of our good friend Kim. :)

3. You can filter search results. Specifically, you can ignore imports and javadoc. I’ve been wanting this for quite a while.

4. New way to create and use message bundles. This promises to be more scalable.

5. Wizard to create “library” plug-ins from existing JARs. I’ve had to do this before and it is the same process again and again, so it is nice that this is automated now.

6. You can open the Workbench Browser from plug-ins.

7. There is a new JAR packaging format for plug-ins instead of directories with files inside. I think you will have less moving parts, but I wonder how this will interact with link files.

8. There’s new performance metering built into the tool, if you turn on the “-debug” flag, with a performance view.

9. Preference pages are now linked to related preference pages. This should make it easier to configure Eclipse.

2 Replies to “Eclipse 3.1M6 released!”

  1. 3.1M5a had issue 86174 which, according to Richard Rodseth from Adobe, was supposed to have been fixed in 3.1M6.

    Sadly, apparently, 90398 is a new PDE build issue for 3.1M6.

  2. Seems “Run as SWT” does not work any longer… If anyone knows how, please post an answer.

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