I’m going to WWDC 2005!

I did it. I booked my hotel, my flight, and then signed up early for WWDC 2005 with the Tiger Early Start Kit. Getting that “kit” means that you’re an ADC Select member, where you get beta relases, a special Tiger training DVD, and other perks.

Why hotel, flight, then conference? To nail down the most price volatile components first. I’ve worked in both the hotel reservation industry as well as for a major airline and trust me, you really should book as early as possible if you want to get a room/seat at a good price. As for WWDC 2005, if you’re thinking about going, I would book by April 22nd so you save $300. BTW, If you’re looking for a hotel near the Moscone Center, send me an email because my wife and I have done plenty of research. :)

Why go to WWDC? Well, I really like developing apps for the Mac, I think OS X is a great platform for people who really care about a first class user experience, Cocoa is a fascinating application framework, and going to WWDC is like diving in head first into all of that. (Hmmm… that could be a book: Head First Cocoa.) Plus, conferences are a great way to grow your brain, to meet people who are interested and passionate about the same things you are and to get you excited about new ideas and new technology.

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  1. Sweet! I expect a full report … live! ;)

    My outlandish prediction for WWDC? Apple announces it’s joining the Eclipse Foundation and porting their Objective-C tools to Eclipse and enhancing Mac OS X SWT support.

    Can you imagine? :)

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