Put your Mac to sleep with this keyboard shortcut

I like to put my PowerBook to sleep when I’m done using it, but when I’m at home and “docked” (hooked up to my mouse, my power adapter, my firewire drive and firewire audio interface), then I don’t like to make it sleep by closing the lid. Instead, I use a nice undocumented keyboard shortcut:

Cmd – Option – Eject

(you could also call it Apple – Option – Eject or Command – Option – Eject)

This puts my PowerBook (and any other Mac) immediately to sleep, even from an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. Now if I could only make it wake up from that same keyboard…

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  1. You can wake it up from that same keyboard. Just go to System Preferences – Bluetooth and turn on the item that says “Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer”.

  2. Thanks Luis Miguel!

    Actually I hadn’t updated my Bluetooth Firmware and that option was greyed out. I updated it via the Bluetooth Firmware Upgrader 1.2, which took several minutes. Afterwards, I had to re-pair my Apple Wireless Keyboard (maybe I should have taken it off-line first?)

    Then that option was checked by default. While I was in the Bluetooth Preference Pane, I enabled authentication and encryption.

    Now I can wake up my PowerBook from my bluetooth keyboard and even better, it connects much more quickly. Before, I had to wait a second or two before the keystrokes were recognized. Now it recognizes them almost instantly!

  3. I hope that you now use the goodness of the extra scripts plugin in Quicksilver to fast sleep your lappy! That is probably the best plugin I have for QS

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