Gauging market demand for different IDEs via

I was perusing the popular delicious links and found a new job site: SimplyHired, which bills itself as “building the largest job database on the planet.” Its pretty fast and lets you do searches without any commitment.

So, I searched for the different Java IDEs to see what came up. Here’s the results, ranked by most job matches to the least:

eclipse java = 1723 matches

jbuilder java = 879 matches

jdeveloper java = 341 matches

netbeans java = 128 matches

intellij java = 95 matches (actually this should probably be higher as some people refer to it as just IDEA, but I couldn’t figure out how to filter out listings that said things like “must have good ideas”…)

visual cafe java = 47 matches (people still use this?)

notepad java = 9 matches ;)

java by itself netted 71,327 matches vs c# with 19,252 matches (c++ doesn’t pull up what you think it will, unfortunately, so can’t make a good comparison)

Note that these were not limited to any region, so they’re all around the U.S.

It sure seems like they have a lot of listings (over 3 million according to their PR). I think they somehow index other sites like Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, etc.

Some cool features:

1. They’ve got a blog

2. They have a LinkedIn feature called “who do i know?” that lets you see if you have any contacts at the company who is advertising for a job. That’s probably the best use for LinkedIn that I’ve seen.

3. You can rate job listings like you would rate a movie in NetFlix

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  1. This is a side comment, but I hope the IDE is listed for informational purposes only in the job listing. As in, if you work here, we’d prefer/require that you use Ecliplse/Idea/JBuilder/etc on a daily basis. And not, we require that you have “Eclipse experience” or else, don’t apply. After all, it’s just an IDE, not rocket science. :-)

    PS- I’m an ex-Vim (on NT), ex-SlickEdit, recent Eclipse convert. Although, I still use scintilla for quick and dirty edits.

  2. I’d like to see a search that requires actual Eclipse experience, as in plug-in development. Got anything like that?

    Also, is there any site where you can post or find jobs that are remote, no travel or relocation just do them from any location?

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