Everybody loves Command-Space

I’m running Tiger full-time now and its great. Spotlight is one of the best new features in it and I’m looking forward to more and more programs becoming Spotlight enabled (like VoodooPad). I’ve got an app I’ve been working on that has searching in it that I’ll work on getting Spotlight-enabled by the time I go to WWDC. I’ll probably release it in beta soon after that.

Spotlight can launch apps (though don’t launch Eclipse with it yet), find documents, find folders, find emails, find calendar entries, find images, find music, find your code, etc. I know that there are other third party apps for searching your computer, but none that are tightly integrated into the OS and user experience.

The only problem I had with Spotlight was that it uses Command-Space. For most Mac users, that probably won’t be a problem. But for me, I already had two apps that wanted to use that same key combo: Eclipse (on Mac OS X) and Quicksilver. Eclipse uses it for Content Assist and Quicksilver to bring up the interface.

In Panther, I said Eclipse wins. So I re-mapped Quicksilver to use Command-Esc.

But in Tiger, I’m trying to stick with Control-Space for Spotlight. I first added Option-Space for Content Assist in Eclipse, but that doesn’t work. I ended up assigning Control-Space to Eclipse for Content Assist (tip: Eclipse 3.1M5 and up has its own Spotlight-like search for preferences, so just type “keys” in the search field to find the place to add this) and Command-Esc to Quicksilver. This seems to be working well for me now, though my muscle memory still wants to use Command-Space for Content Assist. I remapped Caps Lock to Control to compensate (remapping modifier keys is another new feature in Tiger.)

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  1. If you don’t want to have spotlight use control-space you can go into the spotlight preference pane and switch it to whatever you would like. For me it was more important for Quicksilver to have this shortcut, then when I sit down at a mac without quicksilver I still get spotlight when I press the familiar combination.

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