Eclipse 3.1M7 released

Like clockwork, the Eclipse team has released Eclipse 3.1 M7, which is the last milestone build before the official Eclipse 3.1 (which should come out in late June.)

eclipse 3.1 logo

There’s a few new features, but I think the main focus in this release was performance improvements and stability. A big improvement was with the Java Dev Tools (JDT):

“As an example, launching a workspace containing all Eclipse SDK sources used to take close to 2 minutes in 3.1 M6. It now takes under 10 seconds.”

Superb! For more good stuff, read the New and Noteworthy for 3.1M7. Note that there is a new splash screen (shown to the right) that they want comments on.

This release has some nice improvements specifically for Eclipse on Mac users. It is the first Eclipse release that I consider “Tiger-friendly” or more specifically, “Spotlight-friendly.” That is because the default key binding for Content Assist on the Mac is now Control-Space, avoiding the conflict with Spotlight which uses Command-Space. I blogged about that earlier in “Everyone Loves Command-Space“.

Also for Eclipse-Mac users, mostly thanks to Andre, the default memory size has been increased to be the same as the other platforms: 40M minimum heap and 256M maximum heap. All the VM settings have been moved to eclipse.ini, which is located in eclipse/ So do not touch Info.plist if you do not have to from now on. Instead, edit eclipse.ini. In fact, there is a new warning in Info.plist that reads:

            &lt!-- WARNING:
                If you try to add a single VM argument (-vmargs) here,
                *all* vmargs specified in eclipse.ini will be ignored.
                We recommend to add all arguments in eclipse.ini

You can download Eclipse 3.1 M7 here.

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