It’s true!

What a wacky world we live in. First Microsoft switches to using customized PowerPCs in Xbox 2 and now Apple switches to using Intel chips in future Macs.

I had a pretty good seat about 10 rows back all the way on the right hand side. Steve Jobs kept us all in suspense by saving the big, earth-shaking, no make that universe-shaking news until the end:

Apple is going to use Intel chips

I’ll blog more later about this because my head is swimming and I’m starving for lunch…

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  1. First POST !!!!!

    So Luis….what is your impression of the general mood of developers, especially the old-time MacHeads about this. After two decades of animosity and name calling….how are they responding to this shift. I know that there always was “Marklar” out there in the ether, but no one had said anything about it for a few years.

    The question truly is…how will this impact sales of new MAC’s…traditionally, the MAC market has been very fickle…( and being a new owner of a 17″ powerbook, it peeves me off a little bit too ). So….it’s not what’s going to happen today…but what is going to happen between now…and then….how will this impact the sale of new Mac’s.

    Most folks who would’ve “impulse bought” a Mac Mini….probably won’t. Those who would’ve bought a PowerMac or iMac for development…probably won’t. All in …as the song in the Rocky Horror Picture Show says….

    I see you quiver in…..

    The question is if this cure to the symptoms of processors not ramping fast enough, is not worse than the disease of now dealing with Intel processors.

    Personally, I would’ve hoped they would’ve chosen AMD, since AMD seems to be on the verge of eaten Intel’s lunch and dinner on the desktop and power portable market. Not to mention, and Yager mentioned in InfoWorld…the Opteron simply fossilizes any competition Intel has thrown at it in the server market.

    Tell us what else happened !!!!!!!!! Tell US !!!

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