Anyone own a MacWizards PowerBook AC Adapter?

I’m thinking about buying an extra PowerBook AC Adapter for my 17″ PowerBook. The design of the Apple-supplied adapter is quite good and it has two plugs, one travel and one long cord. I leave the long cord at home and bring the travel to work. But every so often, I forget it and have to run off of batteries. Plus I dislike having to pack it up every time I commute. I’d just rather close the lid, with the PowerBook’s almost-magical instant-sleep mode, slip it in my bag and go.

So I’m thinking about getting an extra adapter so I can have one at home and one at work. The official Apple one is $79 and the one by MacWizards is $34.95.

Anyone out there own one of these adapters by MacWizards?

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  1. I bought one a few weeks ago. It’s a lot smaller than it looks on the website and I’m happy with the purchase. It let’s me charge my 17″ PowerBook while using it and pretty much just works. The real advantage to having it is: I can leave it behind.

    I have my Apple one in my office and the MacWizards one at home, so I can just pick up my PowerBook and go. I’m thinking of getting a third one for the bedroom. That way when I read email in bed I don’t have to move the AC adapter from the living room.

    You don’t realize how time you spend screwing around with the AC adapter until you don’t have to do it anymore. Definitely worth the price.

  2. Did you end buying the adapter from MacWizards? If so, What is your veredict? MY original Apple AC Adapter just fried and I need a replacement for my 12″ Powerbook.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. German,

    You know I actually lost my PowerBook adapter at WWDC 2006 and then almost immediately bought a new one at the Apple Store in San Francisco. Then I bought a MacBook Pro this year and am working from home. So no, I haven’t bought one, but they look like good buys if you don’t need one right away and are near an Apple Store. :)

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