Rails Beta Book is now at 1.0

Just got the word that the Rails book is now finished. I guess we should stop calling it the “Beta Book” and just call it “THE Rails Book.”

Expect the paper book to be out in stores the second week of August. But for us early adopters, its time to get a new copy of the PDF. If you haven’t gotten it yet and are at all interested in Rails, I highly suggest it. It will save you a ton of time trying to piece together scattered bits of documentation from around the web. It also has a nice tutorial for those who are new to Rails to illustrate how a Rails app is built.

They say that every good technology needs a good book and thus a good author to go along with it and make it successful. C has Kernighan and Ritchie, Eclipse has the Jumpstart Team, Cocoa has Aaron Hillegass, and now Rails has Dave Thomas.

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