Getting more plugged in locally

Once upon a time, there was this new technology called Delphi, which was meant to be a Visual Basic killer. When it was released, a young man started using it and was enamored with it and wanted to get together with others who shared this passion. So, he started up the D.C. Delphi Users Group or DCDUG for short (perhaps I played too much Dig Dug when I was younger.) That young man was me in 1995.

It was short lived, for I soon got into Smalltalk and Java, but I discovered how great it was to meet up face-to-face with other people who share your passion. Its why I love to go to conferences. There’s just something you can’t quite get through a bulletin board, email, IM, or Skype.

Fast forward 10 years and I find myself at the Washington Apple Pi (or WAP as it is known) meeting which I attended yesterday morning at 9AM. WAP is the largest Apple user group in the DC area and was founded all the way back in 1978. As many people know, I’m very into Macs, especially programming on them and for them, with Eclipse, Cocoa, and Rails. Pat, the VP of WAP, gave a good presentation on her trip to MacWorld Boston and also on upgrading to Tiger. I joined up and am hoping to meet many more fellow Mac users in the coming years.

Also, I signed myself up for the NOVARUG – the Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group. I don’t know exactly when they’ll meet again, but I added myself to the wiki page so I can get notified.

Of course, I’m a member of the NOVAJUG (Northern Virginia Java Users Group) and I’ve previously been a founding member of the DC Design Patterns Group.