EclipseWorld was a success

Looks like EclipseWorld was a success. I didn’t get a chance to go, even though it is on the same coast I am. Why do I say so? Well, from the most recent EclipseSource, the lead article was titled “Exuberance and Umbrage…” by Edward J. Correria. I’ll only be dealing with the Exuberance part here.

It said that there were 550+ attendees, which I think is good for a 1.0 conference. (In comparison EclipseCon 2004 had 600+ and EclipseCon 2005 had 1000+.)

Even more interesting, Dwight Duego asked attendees of his “Getting Started with Eclipse on Windows” tutorial about their experience with Eclipse:

Only about a third of those in the class had ever installed Eclipse, and only two or three of those were using it for Java development–yet they were there. To me, that’s a huge potential for further growth of Eclipse.

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  1. Don’t forget that EclipseWorld was created by the same company that publishes EclipseSource – not exactly an impartial observer.

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