Finally found a DC Mac Programming Group

Last week, I finally found a DC Mac Programming Group. It is the Programming SIG of the Washington Apple Pi (WAP), which is the big Mac Users Group in the area. We met over in Reston, VA in a _really_ nice club house room with a big projection screen that hooked up to our PowerBooks. The chairs were plush and comfortable. Only thing missing was soft drinks and pizza (like we have at the NOVAJUG.)

We talked about all sorts of technologies from Cocoa to Python to SQLite to AppleScript. We presented some code and showed off some apps. All good stuff. In today’s age, where you can connect with experts from around the world, I still think there is a good place for talking with people who share your passion in person.

We meet every 4th Thursday of each month. So if you’re programming on a Mac, come on by! Email me for more info.

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