Buy Mac stuff, help the hurricane victims

In my previous post, I wrote about how I had a yard sale to try to raise money. Well, the folks at had the same idea, but have come up with much better things to sell than a wacky dancing, singing reindeer which skis.

Instead, they’ve got Mac stuff! All the proceeds of sales, including Paypal fees which will be paid by, will be donated to charities that are helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Even better, most of the goods are priced at a discount.

I bought a subscription to MacTech, the magazine for Mac geeks like myself, for the discount price of $30 (it normally sells for $47.) It was donated by the kind folks at MacTech.

So if you’re a Mac user, check out the Mac Users Helping the Victims of Katrina page. They’ve got some good stuff, including 3 more MacTech subscriptions, iPod stands, laptop bags, and a bunch of software.

Also, if you’re a company selling Mac software, hardware, or accessories and want to donate to the cause, email the publisher of MyMac who is coordinating the effort, Tim Robertson, at

[via AppleMatters]