Act like a business to keep your job

Chad Fowler, who maintains RubyGarden and… well, actually let me just quote from THE Ruby book, the Pickaxe:

“Chad Fowler is a leading figure in the Ruby community. He’s on the board of Ruby Central, Inc. He’s one of the organizers of RubyConf. And he’s one of the writers of RubyGems”.

OK, so what’s Chad go to do with keeping your job? Well, he’s been researching how programmers can stay competitive in the global labor market. He’s in the process of releasing his book, MJWTI (more on this soon).

He’s written a great article called “Remaining Relevant“, which is like an appetizer for his book. He advises us software developers to run our careers like you would run a business in order to compete effectively. It outlines a good plan of action. In short, Research what skills you should invest in (and not just technical), Invest (i.e. practice your craft), Execute, and Market (your skills). Definitely check the article out.