must. have. nano.

It’s amazing to me how Apple continues to innovate. They obviously have read The Innovator’s Dilemma because they aren’t afraid to just blow away a highly successful product line and replace it with a new one. The iPod minis are now gone and replaced with the iPod nanos, which are like a hybrid of the shuffle (because it can be worn on a lanyard and it uses solely flash memory), the mini (in terms of capacity), and the Photo, since it displays digital pics.

Coolest innovation: a lanyard that is also the headphones.

What’s next: Mac nano?

2 Replies to “must. have. nano.”

  1. Where’s the innovation? They’re taking bits people like out of their other products and squishing it into one unit to reach a prce point. How is this innovative? Innovation is offering new functionality, not repackaging existing stuff.

  2. Recombining multiple products into one new form factor is definitely innovation. It’s not like they just duct taped them together or something. Plus I’ve never seen lanyard headphones before.

    The key point is still that they’re willing to sacrifice their current lines for completely new ones.

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