Podcasting is good, but…

…it really is kind of inefficient. I wonder if there is any sort of speech-to-text web service which can turn podcasts into regular blog entries for when you just want to read.

I mean, its nice when you want to listen to something in the car or walking around, but if you’re actually at your computer, I’d rather just read. I’m pretty sure I can read much faster than I listen. Plus, it’s a lot harder to save a snippet of audio than it is to cut and paste a snippet of a blog entry.

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  1. I don’t have a specific URL for you to look at but Jon Udell has done some experimenting with something like what you’re asking for. I remember hearing it on a gilmore gang podcast. He actually had a way to provide a URL for a specific sound clip in a podcast and I believe a speech to text generator as well. It was all experimental stuff but was very interesting.


    Anyway there might not be anything yet but others are asking the same questions as you are and hopefully something will come of it.

  2. A few notes:

    – the other problem with podcasts is they are not indexable. If you have a great podcast about a specific topic, google will never bring it up since it would have to do ASR on the audio (see next point) to generate the text, then index the text.

    – ASR (auto speech rec) in an unbounded vocab (e.g. talk radio) has a sub 50% accuracy rate (cannot remember the exact figure) so it is not viable. In a bounded vocab (e.g. automated telephone prompts) it works really well.

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