Review: My Job Went to India

My Job Went to India coverThe Pragmatic Programmers just released a great book. It’s titled My Job Went to India (and all I got was this lousy book) – 52 Ways to Save Your Job. It’s also known as MJWTI.

If you’re expecting Lou Dobbs, this isn’t your book. Chad Fowler doesn’t rail about the supposed evils of outsourcing. Instead, he accepts the reality that we are living in and gives us 52 lessons in how to deal with it.

Now Chad isn’t just speculating about things. He’s actually been to India and helped set up an offshore software development center there. Now he is back in the US programming using Ruby on Rails.

MJWTI is a must-read. I think most of it would have applied even during the Dot Com Boom. Its a handbook for managing your career. I guess for a lot of us, we’ll read it to see how we can just survive. But I think if you read this book and apply the action items at the end of each lesson, you won’t just survive, you’ll excel. I’m planning on starting a study group at work to go through each lesson together.

Read the Introduction to MJWTI to get an overview of what’s inside. There’s some other excerpts as well.

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