Newsgator continues to buy up some of the top talent and products in the shareware industry. A few months ago, they acquired FeedDemon and hired Nick Bradbury. Today they acquired NetNewsWire and brought Brent on board.

Congratulations Brent!

Here’s some interesting quotes about Macs from the Q & A:

Q: Did the Intel switch play a role in this decision?

Greg: No, although the timing was certainly coincidental. I think Apple may likely increase their market share as a result of the switch, but we believe the Mac market as it exists today is interesting enough to make significant investments in.

Brent: And I should mention that we have internal builds of NetNewsWire that run on the Intel-based Mac. Thanks to help from folks at Apple, we’ve had this working for months!

Q: Will Brent be the only Mac user at NewsGator?

Greg: No! I have a shiny new Powerbook sitting right next to me. Seriously, though, we’re starting to circulate Macs throughout the office to certain folks…so Brent is definitely not the only one.

Q: If the support staff are all Windows users, how will they support NetNewsWire users?

Brent: NewsGator’s support team is coming up to speed very quickly on NetNewsWire; I don’t anticipate any problems whatsoever. And like Greg said, I’m not the only one who uses a Mac. In fact, I already have people emailing me asking how to do x, y, and z on their Macs – hello, switchers!

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