Sidelined with some hand problems

Sorry if I haven’t replied to your email and that I haven’t posted too much in the past two weeks. I’ve been having some problems with my hands and wrists. Probably just due to overuse, so I’ve been cutting back recently to give my hands a rest.

But while I’m here, how about a quick braindump?

Video iPods – awesome. I think they’re going to be huge especially this Christmas. I hope that the TV and movie selection will expand greatly. This might be the thing that pushes me to finally digitize my home movies. It’s one thing to show people your kid’s picture, but imagine showing them a little short movie clip of your kid.

Ward Cunningham joins Eclipse Foundation – Welcome back! We’ve missed the father of the wiki. Which reminds me… I wonder if I should update my page on WikiWikiWeb.

No Fluff Just Stuff – Reston, VA is just a week away. I think there are less than 25 seats left. It was great last year and I’ll be there again this year.

One Reply to “Sidelined with some hand problems”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your hand problems.

    I had some problems years ago, and massage therapy was very beneficial. It’s expensive, but well worth it.

    Also, my hands seem to prefer the old-fashioned clicky keyboards, right now, I’m using the Matias TactilePro on the Mac and it’s great.

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