I’m feeling MUCH better

I’m back! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. My hands are feeling great. I’d say about 70%. So I’m not going to be arm wrestling Sylvester Stallone anytime soon. But I am able to type and program and do all the everyday things that I used to do.

It turns out that I had carpal tunnel AND ulnar tunnel. The strange thing was that this occurred because I was TOO good at what I do. All that typing, especially at high typing speed, results in a lot of code in a short amount of time. And for all the budding programmers out there, I’d still recommend learning how to type as fast as possible. The downside is that I basically trained my fingers to be really strong and quick, but only in this small range of motion, which is about the depth of a key press.

The solution? Well, if you live in the Northern Virginia/DC, I’d recommend booking an appointment with Dr. Perron of Reston Chiropractic. He uses some pretty advanced techniques that are unlike any chiropractor I’ve ever heard of. It’s called the Activator Method and here’s how it can relieve repetitive stress / carpal tunnel syndrome. There’s other doctors around the world that use the same method.

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  1. Just curious if you’re going to make any changes now. As in, mouse to touchpad/trackball, some special keyboard, some software aimed at CTS sufferers, etc. I’ve been forcing myself to use the touchpad more (less mouse) because I’m concerned about CTS, after having using computers heavily for about 14 yrs.

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