Going to EclipseCon 2006

I’m going to EclipseCon again this year. It is again over in Silicon Valley, in Santa Clara, CA from March 20th to the 23rd.

Its been a great conference these past four years. Well only two were official – but here’s a brief history of EclipseCon that might explain it better. I’ve been to the past three and I liked them all.

If you’re implementing plug-ins and building extensions to Eclipse, creating RCP apps, or just using Eclipse and want to know more, I highly recommend going. Its a great chance to learn about what is coming up in the future versions of Eclipse, how to leverage the massive amount that is already there, and meet the folks behind Eclipse as well as fellow Eclipse programmers.

If you’re going, drop me a line so we can grab a drink! I’m sure we’ll also have another Eclipse on Mac Birds of a Feather session.

Creating a branch in Subversion from a specific older revision

Branches in Subversion are quite easy and really lightweight. I think the technical term for this is “cheap copy”, which doesn’t quite do it for me. I mean, I’d rather call it an elegant and efficient copy, but I didn’t create my own version control system.

To create a branch of your source base in Subversion, you usually just execute (if you’re using the file-based version and the repository is in /Users/yourName/svn):

svn copy file:///Users/yourName/svn/yourProject/trunk file:///Users/yourName/yourProject/branches/yourProject-1.0

Note that you need to have the branches directory added and committed to your repository. It won’t automatically add this for you.

This does it for working from the head of the trunk. But what if you wanted to branch from an older revision? It turns out to be quite easy:

svn copy -r specificRevisionNumber file:///Users/yourName/svn/yourProject/trunk file:///Users/yourName/yourProject/branches/yourProject-1.0

2005 Prediction Recap: Washington Redskins

Last year I made 10 predictions, with one bonus prediction about the Washington Redskins:

11. Gibbs makes good: Redskins go 9-7, barely squeak into the playoffs but lose in their first playoff game in years. Oh well, its progress. The difference? Gibbs hands over offensive coordinator responsibilities to someone from the Denver Broncos, giving Portis the spread plays he likes as well as putting Ramsey into the shotgun more often. Redskins routinely score 21+ points a game, while still having a top 10 defense.

So far the Redskins have beat my expectations.

They’ve gone 10-6 in the regular season, one better than I thought. They just won their first playoff game and are going to play Seattle on Saturday.

Gibbs didn’t give up the responsibilities, but he did put in more spread and outside running plays for Portis as well as put in the shotgun. They definitely won the game today over the Bucs with their defense – they set a record for lowest offensive output while still winning a playoff game. :) They did average almost 30 points per game over the season. And they ranked 9th in total defense and 11th in total offense.