RailsConf 2006 registration is open and selling fast

RailsConf 2006 is the first conference for Rails. It’s capped at 400 participants and there were already 100+ people who signed up by Thursday the 2nd of February 12 hours after it opened!

I would like to go, but my spare time other than my Eclipse work during the day and spending time with my family is all taken up doing Cocoa apps on the Mac. Also my “invest in my technical knowledge” conference money is already spent on EclipseCon for Eclipse (paid by the company I do Eclipse work for) and WWDC for Cocoa (paid for myself).

It’s taking place in Chicago, IL from June 22 to June 25. If you register before Feb 28th, it is $400. That’s pretty cheap for a conference. By comparison, EclipseCon ranges from $925 without tutorials to $1450 with tutorials. These are the early bird prices which means you have to register before February 15th. Member company employees and Committers get a discount. WWDC is the pricest of the three I’ve mentioned, with last years WWDC coming in at $1595. Of course, WWDC is 5 days compared to the others which are only 4. And WWDC has a Steve-note at the beginning plus a visit to the Apple campus which is probably worth a good chunk of change right there. :)