How to distribute a big huge open source tool to tons of people (EclipseCon 2006)

Ok, that’s not the real title, but that’s what I think of this part of From Developer to Download: A Tour of the Eclipse Platform Build Factory as. Denis Roy, the Webmaster and Download-Meister (I made that up) is talking.

It seems like BitTorrent is the ideal way to do this. Maybe there should be a BitTorrent peer built into to the default Eclipse release that is configured to serve itself up.

Wow the main Eclipse site transfers 13.5 TERABYTES a month!

Also I didn’t know that IBM made an eServer that had a Quad G5 inside of it that runs at 1.6Ghz that is stuffed with 16GB of RAM. Coool. Those are used for the newsgroups and the backend servers.

How you can help – become an Eclipse mirror. And assist with Callisto testing, which is the simultaneous release of 10 Eclipse projects in 3.2.

Some of the Q&A portion:

Does PDE Build support Subversion? No support for Subversion yet. But I can say that the PDE Build has outstanding patches to plug-in third party version control. We used that to extend PDE Build for Perforce and will submit that back to Eclipse sometime in the future.

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