My EclipseCon 2006 schedule

Not yet a recommended track, since I’m not sure exactly how to submit one. That is, I created an EclipseZilla account, but not sure if I just submit some HTML or an ICS or what.

Anyways here is my EclipseCon 2006 schedule in ICS format. I probably will make changes along the way but this is what seemed to be the best to go to late last week. I’m trying to focus on things that are new in 3.1 or 3.2 whenever possible. After that, I’m heavily weighting towards Build Processes, SWT, JFace, GEF, GMF. The basics. It’s always good to reinforce the basics, in my opinion. Plus a bit of WebTools since it continues to prove an important project.

There’s lot of interesting short talks. I like to have a sampling of a lot of different perspectives so this should be a really nice change to EclipseCon this year.