No Halo feature for you

Well I guess we aren’t getting the embedded Halo engine in Eclipse. I mean after all, didn’t Microsoft nest part of Flight Simulator inside Excel?

Hehe – at the Halo Feature Challenge yesterday there was only one “official” challenge that I observed instead of playing. And it was a rout. I think they were playing for some change in presentation.

By the way, we played Halo 2 on Xbox with the “new-style” controllers. The ones that aren’t as huge as the original ones. I was deeply humbled during the first game I played when I was a pitiful -5. I’m really no good with rockets in Team Slayer. I redeemed myself in the second game with battle rifles in Crazy King. Then came the silly game against Doug Pollock who pretty much toyed with us 1 against 7 until 2 of us switched teams to make it a little more interesting.

Lesson learned: Don’t mess with the Platform UI team in Halo. :)