Rails 1.2.4 – getting ready for Rails 2.0

Rails 1.2.4 came out today. The big thing here in my opinion is that it helps you get ready for Rails 2.0, since it includes more deprecations.

I had to fix a deprecation for pagination, which will be optional in 2.0. To fix it, I piston installed the classic_pagination plugin from the guys at errtheblog:

piston import svn://errtheblog.com/svn/plugins/classic_pagination vendor/plugins/classic_pagination

By the way, this also affects Streamlined, which uses pagination.

Ruby on RailsAnother thing in 1.2.4 is that REST URLs don’t use the semicolon “;” anymore, instead they just use the regular slash “/”. So instead of doing /comment/1;edit which always seemed a little weird, we’ll now use /comment/1/edit.

Also in 1.2.4 are security updates and “minor performance enhancements.”

I usually freeze Rails and I dug up my rails:refreeze rake task to do it, which does it all automatically. I’ll blog that soon. I wonder – is there a place where you share rake tasks? Is there a Rake-forge?

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