rcov 0.8.1 fixes Safari 3 colorization

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoyed time with your family and friends.

Well one new thing that you can be thankful for is rcov 0.8.1. This new version of rcov fixes the colorization problem with Safari 3, which by the way now affects Ruby programmers on 10.4.11, not just those of us on Leopard 10.5.0 – 10.5.1. Note that the WebKit team is hard at work fixing the old underlying problem. It does pay to report bugs.

Anyways, enjoy the new rcov and your turkey leftovers. The easiest way to get it if you already have rcov is to do:

sudo gem update rcov

or if you don’t already have it:

sudo gem install rcov

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2 Replies to “rcov 0.8.1 fixes Safari 3 colorization”

  1. To clarify a little here: WebKit’s parsing of the code is correct given HTML 5’s error handling rules. The underlying issue here is that rcov is generating XHTML code such as

     < a > 

    but is being served as text/html to web browsers. If this XHTML code is served to WebKit with the correct MIME type (application/xml+xhtml) then WebKit will interpret it as XML and render it as intended. Since it is not served with the correct MIME type, WebKit correctly treats it as invalid HTML and applies error-handling rules to attempt to make sense of it. Hopefully the fix to rcov was to generate valid HTML 4.01 rather than continuing to serve tag soup to browsers.

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