What tools do you use for Ruby on Rails?

I’m curious to see what people are using for Ruby on Rails development. I know there are a lot of products coming out nowadays – 3rd Rail from Borland, IntelliJ IDEA (my preferred IDE before Eclipse when I used to Java/Swing) does Ruby now, NetBeans is positioning itself as a Ruby IDE, Aptana, Eclipse/RDT, etc. But I don’t have enough time to try them all out.

I personally use TextMate. It’s simple but powerful. I do a fair amount of work on the command line too, using rake tasks and then shortening up my most used rake tasks or ruby scripts with bash aliases.

Is there something out there I should try that would work better? I’d preferably like something still lightweight, makes it easy to run tests and navigate files, but supported code completion, refactoring, and some sort of double-clicking to find the declaration of a method.

So… what tools do you use for Ruby on Rails?

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  1. I’m all about Textmate and command-line. I’ve used Eclipse before (on a very slow PowerPC Mac) and ditched it since it seemed to be a bit of bloatware. However, I JUST got into Ruby–my experience is more with front-end development.

    Anyway, nice site, man. I found it Googling “Beanetics Coffee Roasters”! I might make a trip up there today.

    Are you in the Ruby Meetup group?

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