RubyNation – a Ruby conference in the Washington, DC area

I’m proud to say that we are going to have our very own Ruby conference here in the Washington, DC area! It is called RubyNation and it will be happening on August 1 – 2, 2008 at the Center of Innovative Technology in Herndon, VA. That’s probably one of the strangest shaped buildings in our area that should be hard to miss – it sort of looks like a squarish ruby with its point up.

We’ve lined up Stu Halloway, Neal Ford, David Bock, and Giles Bowkett as keynote speakers and we’ll have lots of Ruby content. I think it will be single track which is my preferred format – fewer things to think about. Plus, if you’ve got something cool you’ve been working on, you can present them during the lightning talks!

I hope to see you there!