NSCoderNight tonight in Northern Virginia

I’ve been going to the past few NSCoderNights here in Northern Virginia. We’ve met up at Panera in Tysons before (look for the Apple logos.) But tonight we’re trying a different venue: Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe near the Courthouse Metro in Clarendon, VA. More details in Jose’s blog entry Trying a new location tonite.

It’s been pretty motivating to meet up with other Cocoa Mac and iPhone developers. I think we’re going to be discussing Cocoa Programming with Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass soon, working our way through the chapters. I was privileged to have the experience of doing technical review on that book and I’ll have a full review of it on this blog soon. Short review: if you have the 1st or 2nd edition, it will help you get caught up to the newer Cocoa APIs and so its worth getting. If you don’t, then you definitely need this book to help you with your Cocoa programming. Big Nerd Ranch uses it as a text book for their Cocoa Bootcamps!

Cocoa / Washington DC Trivia: Aaron Hillegass grew up in Northern Virginia. We actually attended the same high school, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, though at different times.