New Programming Language Group forming in Northern Virginia

I don’t know what it is about Northern Virginia and programming languages, but we just can’t seem to get enough of them! A new group “novalanguages” has just formed.

Here’s a brief description of the group:

Thoughts on the makeup of the group include obtaining (however you want) a book,
working through the book 1 chapter per week on one night of that week with a group of
like minded individuals. For the first one, my company Iterative Designs will sponsor it (not sure what that means just yet) and we can go from there.

It will mean meeting up and having a group to ask questions about the language we are learning and they aren’t going to give you the snub nose responses of “Don’t you know that — you n00b” that you might get in an IRC chat room.

I am thinking the first language should be something out there but semi-applicable (like an Erlang, Smalltalk, or even Lisp). Unless everyone in the group has a Mac (or can borrow one) and we can learn Cocoa/Obj-C — which would be fun given the iPhone SDK availability.

Chris Williams

Personally, I’d be happy to learn Erlang. Chad’s been talking about it for awhile now and I got really excited about the potential of it while at MountainWest RubyConf where I saw some good presentations about it.

I’d also be interested in going through Cocoa/Objective-C. I already know it, but its always good to go back through the basics and practice, practice, practice. Plus, it’s also good to share your knowledge with others – teaching is sometimes the best way to deeply ingrain something into your brain. However, we’re already planning to go through the Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, 3rd ed book in our NSCoder DC Night group.

Thanks to Chris Williams for setting this up!