C4[2] t-shirts available

I love to wear Tech Conference t-shirts.  I should really take a picture of them all sometime.  They help get me into a productive mood.

Wolf put up an official C4[2] t-shirt store.  It was a pretty interesting design but it didn’t have words so my wife was really confused as to where I got it.  She thought it was some sort of gardening thing.

Jose on the other hand, studied the t-shirt, analyzed the logic and found an optimization.  Gotta love the geekiness in that.

Now if I could only get old WWDC t-shirts too.  I left the 2008 one at the hotel and my other ones are getting worn out.

Update (Feb. 19, 2009): You can now buy The Wolf-Rentzsch t-shirt!  I was sitting right near bobtiki and josevazquez when they were making this shirt on the Southwest flight to C4[2].