Getting Sparkle from source (using bzr as compared with svn and git)

A few notes about getting Sparkle, the widely used framework for updating Mac OS X apps, from source:

1. Get a branch. This is similar to “svn checkout” or “git clone”.
bzr branch lp:sparkle

I admit it is kind of cool to have such a short name here like “lp:sparkle” due to bzr’s integration with Launchpad, which is sort of like SourceForge or GitHub.

2. Later on, you might need to get the latest version. This is similar to “svn update” or “git pull”.
bzr pull

3. To make sure you have the latest, you can check what version you have. This is similar to “svn info”. The closest to this in git is “git log –max-count=1”
bzr version-info

You can compare that version to the latest one in the main Sparkle branch.