GitX – a great Mac OS X tool for visualizing your Git history

I’m a command-line kind of guy. I guess when your CS teachers in high school raised you on a Minicomputer with a dumb terminal and vi, you get used to that kind of thing.So I mostly use the git command line which is plenty fine for the usual git pull, git add, git commit, git push dance. (Hint: scripts are your friend) Creating branches and merging is decently good too on the command line.History is where it all falls down, though. Yes you can get the commit logs, but not the details so well. That is where a nice native Mac app like GitX comes into play. If you’ve used GitHub, it is similar to the history browser there. It also helps you visualize your branches and you can switch between them.You should definitely try out GitX if you’re using Git on Mac. Did I mention that it is free? Get it at