Blog Reboot

Twitter – that’s one word for where a lot of my writing energy has gone.  It’s such an easy way to get out a few words and there’s no pressure to be perfect.

Then again the pressure to be perfect really comes from myself.  But lately I’ve been feeling more of a pressure to write down more of my thoughts and that’s overriding that perfectionism.  So here I am again, this time armed with the latest and greatest MarsEdit 3.0.4.

Of course, every good story has some conflict.  Tonight I realized that my blog had been hacked.  It seems like there were some spam links that were hidden in the page. The only things I did notice was that:

1. Sometimes my theme would get reset.  Not a huge deal but annoying.

2. Every once in a while a new WordPress user would register for no reason.

3. MarsEdit couldn’t my recent posts, instead offering up a -32700 error.

Fortunately that last error got me to Daniel Jalkut’s helpful support forum which helped me find the answer: the spam injection hack.

So a quick backup, removal of the old site, and installation of WordPress 3.0.1 and this blog is back in business, now spam link-free.  It’s kind of like encountering the Blue Screen Of Death and hitting Control-Alt-Delete.  A Blog Reboot.

Now I remember why I use Apple products.  So is there a more hack-proof blogging engine out there that will preserve old WordPress entries?

2 Replies to “Blog Reboot”

  1. I encountered similar troubles a while back, and after much research, decided to move my blog to Squarespace. They were able to import my old WordPress archives, and now I don’t have to worry about the upkeep of running my own server and blog engine. Their spam filtering is pretty good, too, though the occasional spam comment does make it’s way through the defenses. Overall, though, I’ve been very happy with it.

  2. Mark – Thanks. I checked into Squarespace and it looks good. I still like hosting my own stuff for some reason. I started out with Typepad which was hosted and good, but I felt somewhat restricted.

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